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Msodoki Youngkiller x Colé Miss London – Fun Times


Get ready to raise a glass to success with Bongo Flava heavyweight Msodoki Young Killer! This Tanzanian hip-hop legend is back with a brand new banger, “Fun Times,” featuring the captivating Colé Miss London.

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“Fun Times” is more than just a song – it’s a vibe. It’s the feeling of achieving your dreams and celebrating life’s victories with the people you love. Listen closely and you’ll hear echoes of Msodoki Young Killer’s iconic track “Cheers,” reminding us all to savor the good times.

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This electrifying collaboration is a power couple showcase. Colé Miss London takes center stage, owning her success and radiating strength. Msodoki Young Killer, ever the lyrical maestro, drops verses that ooze confidence and pride in his journey.

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“Fun Times” isn’t just a single, it’s a cornerstone of Msodoki Young Killer’s latest album, “TMA Swahili Rap.” This album is a testament to his enduring legacy in the Tanzanian hip-hop scene. Every track pulsates with his signature style, delivering impactful rhymes and head-bobbing beats that are guaranteed to get fans hyped.

So, what are you waiting for? Stream “Fun Times” now and join Msodoki Young Killer and Colé Miss London in celebrating the good life! Don’t forget to check out the entire “TMA Swahili Rap” album to immerse yourself in Msodoki Young Killer’s artistic mastery.



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