Butera Knowless – Oya

Butera Knowless, the renowned Rwandan songstress, captivates audiences with her latest chart-topping single, “Oya.” Known for her soulful vocals and dynamic stage presence, Knowless infuses the track with a unique blend of Afrobeat and traditional Rwandan influences. “Oya” is a rhythmic journey that seamlessly weaves modern soundscapes with authentic cultural elements, showcasing Knowless’s versatility as an artist.

The lyrics, both evocative and empowering, resonate with themes of love and resilience. With its infectious beats and Butera Knowless’s signature style, “Oya” stands as a testament to her musical prowess and continues to enchant fans worldwide..

Listen to, “Butera Knowless – Oya” below;

Mp3 Butera Knowless – Oya Audio Download


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