VIDEO Lava Boy X D Voice – Hunijui

Introducing the dynamic Tanzanian artist, Lava Boy, in collaboration with D Voice, as they unveil their latest track, “Hunijui.” Released on November 15, 2022, this Singeli genre masterpiece is set to make waves across all digital platforms. Lava Boy, a rising male artist hailing from Tanzania, brings a fresh perspective to the music scene.

In this compelling track, Lava Boy showcases his unique style, blending traditional Tanzanian sounds with contemporary beats. “Hunijui” captivates listeners with its infectious rhythm and thought-provoking lyrics, demonstrating Lava Boy’s prowess as an emerging force in the music industry.

As an artist with immense potential, Lava Boy is set to redefine the Tanzanian music landscape. His collaboration with D Voice adds another layer of depth to “Hunijui,” making it a must-listen for music enthusiasts seeking a fusion of cultural resonance and modern vibes.

For an exclusive experience, the track is available for download solely on, emphasizing Lava Boy’s commitment to providing his audience with a unique and personalized musical journey. Keep an eye on this rising star, as Lava Boy paves the way for a new era of Tanzanian music, one beat at a time.

Listen to, “Lava Boy X D Voice – Hunijui” below;

Lava Boy X D Voice – Hunijui Mp4 Download


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