P Funk Majani Ft. Country Wizyy – Zee La Busara

P Funk Majani, a Tanzanian music sensation, collaborates with the talented Country Wizyy in their latest hit, “Zee La Busara.” This Bongo Flava masterpiece, available on all digital platforms, showcases the vibrant fusion of traditional Tanzanian rhythms and contemporary sounds.

P Funk Majani, recognized as a superstar in the music industry, has solidified his reputation as a trendsetter with a unique musical style. His collaboration with Country Wizyy in “Zee La Busara” amplifies the rich diversity of Tanzanian music, drawing listeners into a world of rhythmic bliss.

Country Wizyy’s distinctive contribution adds depth to the track, creating a harmonious balance that captivates audiences. The lyrics of “Zee La Busara” reflect a narrative that resonates with the essence of Tanzanian culture, painting a vivid picture of life and love.

This musical gem is not just a song; it’s an experience. The exclusive download at offers fans a direct connection to the magic of P Funk Majani and Country Wizyy’s collaboration. As the beats of “Zee La Busara” reverberate, it’s evident that this track is a testament to the artistic brilliance thriving in the heart of Tanzania’s music scene.

AUDIO | P Funk Majani Ft. Country Wizyy – Zee La Busara | Download Mp3



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