Chidi Benz Ft. Diamond Platnumz – Tunaishi Nao

Chidi Benz and Diamond Platnumz Unite in “Tunaishi Nao

In the vibrant realm of Tanzanian Bongo Flava, two titans, Chidi Benz and Diamond Platnumz, join forces in the chart-topping anthem “Tunaishi Nao.” Renowned for his lyrical prowess and street authenticity, Chidi Benz stands as a hip-hop luminary in Tanzania, capturing the essence of urban narratives.

Teaming up with the globally acclaimed Diamond Platnumz, whose artistry transcends borders, the collaboration amplifies the track’s allure. Diamond Platnumz’s signature melodic flair interlaces seamlessly with Chidi Benz’s rhythmic verses, creating a musical fusion that resonates with diverse audiences.

As a testament to their collective superstardom, “Tunaishi Nao” has become a digital sensation, available for exclusive download on This strategic digital release underscores the artists’ embrace of contemporary platforms, ensuring their music reaches enthusiasts across the digital landscape.

Chidi Benz, a cornerstone of Tanzanian hip-hop, brings authenticity to the genre, while Diamond Platnumz’s international acclaim adds a layer of sophistication to their collaborative masterpiece. Together, they navigate the nuances of life, love, and the streets in “Tunaishi Nao,” crafting a sonic journey that captivates Tanzanian music enthusiasts and beyond.

AUDIO | Chidi Benz Ft. Diamond Platnumz – Tunaishi Nao | Download Mp3


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