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EP | Nacha – Nacha Fleva III


Nacha, also known as Nacha Ousam, is a prominent Tanzanian artist who has been making significant strides in the competitive realm of Hip Hop. With his latest extended playlist album titled “Nacha Fleva III,” he has continued to captivate audiences with his heavyweight talent and unique musical style.

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This highly anticipated album features a collection of tracks that showcase Nacha’s versatility and creativity in the Hip Hop genre. Some of the standout songs on the album include “Namuamini Mungu,” “Sitaki Mapenzi,” “Amen,” “Kuolewa,” and “Tuveshe.” These tracks delve into various themes, emotions, and experiences, offering listeners a diverse and engaging musical journey.

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Nacha, a male artist hailing from Tanzania, has successfully cemented his presence in the music industry through his exceptional talent and dedication to his craft. His music is now available on all digital platforms, ensuring that fans worldwide can easily access and enjoy his latest offerings.

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The production of “Nacha Fleva III” is a testament to Nacha’s commitment to quality. The album was expertly crafted by talented producers, including Kitonzo, Kingdom, and Gynondix, who have contributed to its unique sound and vibe.

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While the director of the project is not specified in the provided information, it’s evident that Nacha has put considerable thought and effort into the visual and artistic aspects of his music, as is often the case with artists of his caliber.

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Nacha’s music falls squarely within the Hip Hop genre, and his ability to seamlessly blend various elements within this style keeps his music fresh and engaging. His lyrical prowess, combined with his distinctive delivery, sets him apart as a noteworthy figure in the Tanzanian and international Hip Hop scenes.

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Nacha Fleva III” is set to be released on September 11, 2023, and fans can exclusively download it from sidemakini.co.tz. This album promises to be a significant milestone in Nacha’s career, and it’s sure to leave a lasting impression on listeners, solidifying his position as a heavyweight artist in the world of Hip Hop.

01: Namuamini Mungu

02: Sitaki Mapenzi

03: Amen

04: Kuolewa

05: Tuveshe

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