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AUDIO | Zoravo Ft Franc Jamrack – Waokoa Mataifa | Download


Tanzanian gospel recording artist, Zoravo, stands as a shining beacon of musical prowess and spiritual devotion in the vibrant East African music scene. With a rich and soulful voice that transcends boundaries, he has just unveiled his latest masterpiece, “Waokoa Mataifa,” a track that resonates with the depths of the human spirit.

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Zoravo’s musical journey has been nothing short of inspirational. Hailing from the culturally diverse and musically vibrant nation of Tanzania, he has carved a niche for himself in the gospel genre, captivating audiences with his powerful performances and heartfelt lyrics. His debut album, aptly titled “Glory & Power,” is a testament to his dedication and unwavering faith.

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“Waokoa Mataifa” is a testament to Zoravo’s exceptional talent. This mesmerizing track, featuring the collaboration of the talented Franc Jamrack, blends melodious harmonies with heartfelt lyrics that uplift and inspire. The song serves as a vessel for spiritual enlightenment, resonating with listeners across Tanzania and beyond.

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Released on September 9, 2023, “Waokoa Mataifa” has quickly become a sensation in the gospel music world. It showcases Zoravo’s commitment to creating music that not only entertains but also serves a higher purpose, spreading messages of hope, salvation, and unity.

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Zoravo’s influence extends beyond his music. He is a role model, a symbol of resilience, and an embodiment of faith. As a male artist in the gospel genre, he breaks stereotypes and paves the way for aspiring musicians in Tanzania and beyond.

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This exclusive release can be found on sidemakini.co.tz, offering fans and music enthusiasts the opportunity to experience the divine harmonies of “Waokoa Mataifa.” Zoravo’s contribution to gospel music in Tanzania is profound, and his journey is far from over. His music continues to touch hearts, elevate spirits, and bring glory and power to all who listen.

AUDIO | Zoravo Ft Franc Jamrack – Waokoa Mataifa | Download Mp3


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