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AUDIO | Xenia Manasseh – Love/Hate | Download


Xenia Manasseh, the Kenyan sensation, has taken the music scene by storm with her latest track, “Love/Hate,” released on September 6, 2023. This talented artist has captured the hearts of many music enthusiasts not only in Kenya but also across the globe. Her unique blend of Afrobeats and her soulful voice make her a standout talent in the industry.

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Xenia Manasseh, a female artist with unparalleled grace and charisma, is a true embodiment of musical excellence. Her journey in the world of music started from a young age, and she has honed her craft over the years to become a force to be reckoned with. Her music transcends borders, and her popularity continues to soar.

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Love/Hate” is a testament to Xenia Manasseh’s artistry. The track is a mesmerizing fusion of Afrobeats rhythms and heartfelt lyrics that explore the complexities of love and relationships. Her soulful and emotive vocals draw listeners into a world of passion and vulnerability, making “Love/Hate” an instant classic.

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This exceptional track is available on all digital platforms, making it easily accessible to fans worldwide. Xenia’s decision to release her music globally demonstrates her commitment to sharing her Kenyan roots and culture with a global audience.

Furthermore, for those seeking an exclusive experience, “Love/Hate” can be downloaded exclusively from sidemakini.co.tz. This platform allows fans to connect with Xenia Manasseh’s music in a unique way, ensuring that they are among the first to enjoy her latest masterpiece.

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Xenia Manasseh’s rise to fame and her ability to bridge cultures through her music have solidified her as a true Kenyan gem in the music industry. With “Love/Hate,” she continues to shine brightly, leaving an indelible mark on the world of Afrobeats. Keep an eye on this remarkable artist as she continues to captivate hearts and souls with her extraordinary talent.

AUDIO | Xenia Manasseh – Love/Hate | Download Mp3



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