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AUDIO | Songa – Usimdiss Kali | Download


Tanzanian hip-hop luminary, widely known as Songa but also recognized by his real name Niite Songa, has unveiled a fresh musical creation entitled “Usimdiss Kali.” With an illustrious career spanning the realms of music and creativity, Songa stands as a prominent figure in the Tanzanian music scene.

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Usimdiss Kali” resonates within the genre of Hip Hop, a testament to Songa’s prowess in crafting rhythmic narratives that captivate listeners. This latest track, released on August 25, 2023, reinforces Songa’s commitment to delivering innovative and meaningful content to his dedicated fan base.

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Songa, a male artist of considerable talent, has firmly established himself as a cultural icon, harnessing his distinctive style and lyrical finesse to address a myriad of topics, often drawing inspiration from his Tanzanian roots. His music serves as an anthem for those who resonate with his experiences and perspectives, making him a revered voice among the youth and beyond.

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The track “Usimdiss Kali” not only showcases Songa’s lyrical dexterity but also bears testament to his evolution as an artist. As a consummate storyteller, Songa employs his craft to reflect the realities and aspirations of contemporary Tanzanian society. The song’s release on all digital platforms ensures a widespread reach, enabling fans both within and beyond Tanzania to engage with Songa’s latest artistic offering.

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For those seeking an exclusive experience, the opportunity to download the track is available on sidemakini.co.tz. With his distinctive approach to Hip Hop and his resonant lyrics, Songa continues to shape the musical landscape of Tanzania, solidifying his position as a revered and influential figure in the realm of East African music.

AUDIO | Songa – Usimdiss Kali | Download Mp3


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