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AUDIO | Lukamba – Fake OG | Download


Lukamba, a highly accomplished Tanzanian artist, has garnered widespread acclaim for his vibrant and uniquely identifiable artworks. His creative pursuits have now extended to the realm of music, where he has enraptured audiences with his latest release, the track “Fake OG.” Beyond his musical talents, Lukamba’s versatility shines through various roles he undertakes — he serves as the CEO of Lukashnet, exhibits visionary skills as a videographer, showcases his directorial finesse in filmmaking, and boasts a background as a former photographer for the esteemed artist Diamond Platnumz.

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Lukamba’s musical journey takes center stage with his captivating composition “Fake OG,” a piece that resonates with the distinct flavor of Bongo Fleva, Tanzania’s signature musical genre. The track, set to be released on August 24, 2023, has already created a buzz as Lukamba’s fans eagerly await his musical prowess. This multi-talented artist, who hails from Tanzania, continues to make waves not only through his exceptional visual artistry but also as a formidable presence in the Tanzanian music scene.

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For those seeking an exclusive experience, “Fake OG” can be downloaded solely from sidemakini.co.tz. With Lukamba’s artistic finesse and innovative endeavors, he consistently reinforces his status as a revered and influential figure within the cultural landscape of Tanzania.

AUDIO | Lukamba – Fake OG | Download Mp3


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