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AUDIO | Guardian Angel – Shida | Download


Guardian Angel is a Kenyan male gospel musician known for his inspirational and uplifting music. His real name is Audiphaxad Peter Omwaka. He has gained popularity for his soulful vocals and meaningful lyrics that resonate with audiences across different age groups.

Song: “Shida” is one of Guardian Angel’s notable songs. The title “Shida” translates to “Troubles” in English. The song is a heartfelt expression of overcoming challenges and finding hope in difficult times. With his soothing voice and impactful message, Guardian Angel aims to inspire listeners to persevere through life’s hardships.

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Release Date: “Shida” was released on August 18, 2023. The song’s release date aligns with Guardian Angel’s commitment to delivering messages of faith and encouragement through his music.

Genre: Guardian Angel is primarily known for creating music in the gospel genre. His songs often contain themes of faith, hope, and personal growth.

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Platform: The song “Shida” is available for streaming on YouTube. Additionally, there is an exclusive download available on sidemakini.co.tz, providing fans with the opportunity to own the song for offline listening.

Guardian Angel, born Audiphaxad Peter Omwaka, hails from Kenya and has carved a niche for himself in the gospel music scene. His journey in music began several years ago, and he has consistently used his talent to convey messages of positivity and spirituality. Guardian Angel’s unique vocal style and ability to connect with his audience have garnered him a dedicated following.

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Throughout his career, Guardian Angel has released several impactful songs that have touched the hearts of many. His music not only entertains but also serves as a source of encouragement for those facing challenges in their lives. As an artist, he believes in using his platform to uplift and inspire, making a difference through his music.

“Shida,” released on August 18, 2023, is another testament to Guardian Angel’s dedication to creating music that resonates with people on a deep level. The song’s poignant lyrics and melodious composition reflect his commitment to spreading messages of faith and hope.

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In conclusion, Guardian Angel is a respected Kenyan gospel artist known for his meaningful music and positive impact. With “Shida” and his other works, he continues to touch lives and inspire listeners to overcome adversity with unwavering faith.

AUDIO | Guardian Angel – Shida | Download Mp3


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