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VIDEO | Benny Shizzol – Kama Ikitokea


Benny Shizzol takes the center stage in his latest music video, “Kama Ikitokea.” Known for his captivating style and unique blend of Bongo Fleva, Benny Shizzol continues to push the boundaries of Tanzanian music with his soulful vocals and catchy melodies.

Director: The visually stunning music video for “Kama Ikitokea” is directed by the renowned filmmaker Didi. With his creative vision, Didi brings Benny Shizzol’s lyrics to life through captivating storytelling, stunning cinematography, and seamless editing. The collaboration between Benny Shizzol and Didi promises an audio-visual experience that is sure to leave a lasting impact on viewers.

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Location: The music video was shot in the vibrant city of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Known as the cultural hub of the country, Dar es Salaam provides a lively backdrop that complements the energy and spirit of the song.

Synopsis: “Kama Ikitokea” is a heartfelt track that explores the complexities of relationships and the uncertainties that come with love. Benny Shizzol’s emotive delivery combined with the infectious beats and melodies create a captivating musical experience that resonates with listeners on an emotional level.

Platform: The music video for “Kama Ikitokea” can be enjoyed exclusively on YouTube, where it has garnered significant attention from music enthusiasts worldwide. The video’s availability on this popular streaming platform ensures that fans can easily access and appreciate Benny Shizzol’s latest creation.

Upcoming Talent: Benny Shizzol is an emerging talent in the Tanzanian music industry, making waves with his unique sound and impressive artistry. “Kama Ikitokea” further solidifies his position as a rising star, showcasing his potential to make a lasting impact on the Bongo Fleva scene.

Country and Region: Hailing from Tanzania, Benny Shizzol represents the vibrant and diverse music culture of the country. Born and raised in Dar es Salaam, he draws inspiration from his surroundings, infusing his music with the rich cultural heritage of the region.

Exclusive Download: For an exclusive download of “Kama Ikitokea” and other exciting content from Benny Shizzol, visit sidemakini.co.tz. This platform offers a unique opportunity to experience his music firsthand and stay up-to-date with his latest releases.

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Benny Shizzol’s “Kama Ikitokea” as he takes you on a musical journey that explores love, emotions, and the beauty of Bongo Fleva. Discover the raw talent and infectious energy that sets Benny Shizzol apart, and get ready to be swept away by his irresistible melodies and soulful vocals.

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