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AUDIO | Ringtone Ft Enock Jonas – Delete | Download


Get ready to be moved by the enchanting collaboration between two gifted Kenyan artists, Ringtone and Enock Jonas, as they release their soul-stirring track titled “Delete.” This uplifting gospel song, released on July 25, 2023, promises to touch hearts and elevate spirits with its powerful message and melodious blend.

Leading the charge is the talented and renowned Kenyan artist, Ringtone, whose devotion to spreading positivity through his music has earned him a special place in the hearts of music enthusiasts across the country. With an impressive musical career spanning years, Ringtone’s unique vocal prowess and dedication to gospel music make him a beloved figure in the industry.

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Joining him on this remarkable musical journey is the incredibly gifted Enock Jonas, whose musical artistry has been gaining recognition and admiration in Kenya and beyond. Enock’s rich vocals and soulful expressions bring an added dimension to “Delete,” making it a truly divine listening experience.

Delete” is an authentic expression of faith and hope, drawing listeners in with its captivating lyrics and inspiring melodies. This gospel gem urges us to embrace forgiveness and let go of negativity, ultimately offering a message of healing and redemption.

The song’s release on all major digital platforms opens the door for music lovers worldwide to enjoy the powerful harmony and uplifting message brought to life by Ringtone and Enock Jonas. As an upcoming track with promising potential, “Delete” is already generating excitement and anticipation among fans and music critics alike.

Hailing from the vibrant city of Nairobi, Kenya, both Ringtone and Enock Jonas bring a distinct East African flavor to “Delete,” creating a musical masterpiece that resonates deeply with audiences both locally and internationally. Their collaboration symbolizes the unity and talent that Kenya’s music scene has to offer to the world.

For an exclusive download of “Delete,” make sure to visit sidemakini.co.tz, where you can experience the magic of this soulful anthem firsthand. Whether you’re a devout gospel music lover or simply appreciate exceptional musical artistry, “Delete” is a must-listen track that will leave you inspired and uplifted.

So, don’t miss the chance to immerse yourself in the extraordinary world of “Delete” as Ringtone and Enock Jonas combine their talents to deliver a musical masterpiece that transcends boundaries and celebrates the beauty of forgiveness and redemption. Spread the word and join the musical journey as these Kenyan artists touch hearts and souls with their divine creation.

AUDIO | Ringtone Ft Enock Jonas – Delete | Download Mp3


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