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AUDIO | Chris Roby – Soso Remix | Download


Chris Roby is a talented Tanzanian artist who has been making waves in the music industry with his unique sound and captivating performances. With his latest release, “Soso Remix,” Chris Roby continues to establish himself as a rising star in the Bongo Fleva genre. The song, which was released on July 14, 2023, showcases his remarkable artistry and versatility as an artist.

Soso Remix” is a collaborative effort between Chris Roby and renowned producers Punch & Mad. The producers have skillfully crafted a captivating beat that perfectly complements Chris Roby’s soulful vocals and infectious energy. The fusion of traditional Bongo Fleva elements with modern sounds creates an exciting and vibrant listening experience.

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The song carries a distinct Tanzanian flavor, combining catchy melodies with thoughtful lyrics that touch upon various aspects of life and love. Chris Roby’s ability to effortlessly switch between smooth verses and powerful hooks demonstrates his versatility as an artist. The remix brings a fresh perspective to the original track, giving it a new life and making it even more captivating for his growing fan base.

As an upcoming artist, Chris Roby is quickly gaining recognition for his unique talent and ability to connect with his audience. With “Soso Remix,” he proves his dedication to pushing boundaries and delivering exceptional music. Fans and music enthusiasts alike can expect more exciting releases from Chris Roby in the near future.

To get an exclusive download of “Soso Remix,” visit sidemakini.co.tz, where you can access the song and immerse yourself in the remarkable musical journey crafted by Chris Roby. Stay tuned for updates on his upcoming projects, as this Tanzanian sensation continues to make his mark on the music scene and capture the hearts of fans worldwide.

AUDIO | Chris Roby – Soso Remix | Download Mp3


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