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AUDIO | Ngajupa Ft Anjella – Hayanihusu | Download


Ngajupa, a talented Tanzanian artist from Dar Es Salaam, has released a captivating new song titled “Hayanihusu” in collaboration with the renowned artist Anjella. Produced by the highly skilled Good Master, this track brings together the best of Bongo Fleva, a popular music genre in Tanzania.

With its release on June 23, 2023, “Hayanihusu” has quickly become a sensation in the Tanzanian music scene. The song showcases Ngajupa’s exceptional talent and unique style, complemented by Anjella’s remarkable vocal skills. The collaboration between these two artists has resulted in a melodious and energetic track that is bound to captivate listeners.

The production quality of “Hayanihusu” is top-notch, thanks to the expertise of Good Master. The song combines catchy beats, infectious melodies, and heartfelt lyrics, creating an immersive musical experience for the audience. The synergy between Ngajupa and Anjella is evident throughout the track, as they effortlessly blend their voices and showcase their individual artistry.

As a superstar in the Tanzanian music industry, Ngajupa continues to push boundaries and deliver exceptional music to his fans. His immense talent and dedication have earned him a well-deserved reputation as one of the most promising artists in the country. With “Hayanihusu,” Ngajupa proves once again why he is regarded as a musical powerhouse.

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Fans and music enthusiasts can enjoy “Hayanihusu” on all major digital platforms, making it easily accessible to a wide audience. The song’s availability on sidemakini.co.tz, an exclusive platform, ensures that fans can experience this extraordinary collaboration firsthand.

So, dive into the world of Ngajupa and Anjella’sHayanihusu” and let the enchanting melodies and infectious rhythms transport you to the vibrant music scene of Tanzania. Experience the magic of Bongo Fleva and witness the talent of these exceptional artists as they come together to create a musical masterpiece.

AUDIO | Ngajupa Ft Anjella – Hayanihusu | Download Mp3


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