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AUDIO | Harrysong Ft Nandy – Tick Tock


Harrysong is a remarkable and versatile artist who effortlessly encompasses various roles in the music industry. With exceptional talents as a singer, songwriter, instrumentalist, and performer, he has captivated audiences around the world with his exceptional abilities and undeniable charisma. Hailing from Nigeria, Harrysong has established himself as a true superstar in the music scene.

In his latest collaboration, Harrysong teams up with the beautiful and talented female artist from Tanzania, Nandy, to create a sensational track titled “Tick Tock.” This highly anticipated song was released on June 23, 2023, and has already gained immense popularity among music enthusiasts.

“Tick Tock” showcases Harrysong’s mastery of multiple genres, including R&B, Afropop, African Hip Hop, Dancehall, and Highlife. The fusion of these diverse musical styles results in a captivating and infectious sound that will have listeners grooving to the rhythm.

Available on all digital platforms, “Tick Tock” is accessible to music lovers worldwide. Its availability on the exclusive platform sidemakini.co.tz adds a unique touch, ensuring that fans can enjoy the song through a specialized channel.

As a true superstar, Harrysong’s contributions to the music industry have been widely recognized and celebrated. His ability to effortlessly transition between various musical roles and genres sets him apart as a dynamic artist who continually pushes boundaries and captivates audiences with his extraordinary talent.

By featuring the talented artist Nandy from Tanzania, “Tick Tock” not only showcases Harrysong’s versatility but also highlights the power of collaboration across borders, uniting different musical cultures and creating a truly memorable and enchanting experience.

For an unforgettable musical journey that transcends borders, be sure to check out “Tick Tock” by Harrysong ft. Nandy. Let the irresistible melodies and energetic beats take you on a captivating adventure that celebrates the richness and diversity of African music.

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