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ALBUM | Asake – Work Of Art


Prepare to be mesmerized by the extraordinary talent of Asake, a renowned Nigerian singer and songwriter who has taken the music scene by storm. With his highly anticipated album, “Work Of Art,” set to be released on June 27, 2023, Asake is ready to captivate audiences worldwide with his unique blend of Afrobeats, Afro-fusion, AfroPop, and Hip hop.

Hailing from the vibrant music hub of Lagos State, Nigeria, Asake has quickly risen to prominence as a rising star in the industry. His infectious melodies, soulful lyrics, and irresistible beats have garnered him a massive following of dedicated fans who eagerly anticipate each new release.

Work Of Art” showcases Asake’s versatility and creative prowess, offering a diverse range of musical styles that will appeal to a wide audience. From the infectious rhythms of Afrobeats that will make you want to dance, to the fusion of traditional African sounds with contemporary elements in Afro-fusion, Asake effortlessly weaves together different genres, creating a sound that is uniquely his own.

Supported by the renowned record labels YBNL Empire, Asake has established himself as a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. His collaborations with industry heavyweights and his ability to consistently deliver chart-topping hits have solidified his status as a superstar.

With the album being exclusively available at sidemakini.co.tz, Asake’sWork Of Art” is set to make waves not only in Nigeria but also across the globe. As an artist who transcends borders, Asake has the power to unite people through the universal language of music, creating an experience that is both uplifting and unforgettable.

Whether you’re a die-hard fan of Afrobeats, an enthusiast of Afro-fusion, or simply someone who appreciates exceptional musical talent, Asake’s “Work Of Art” is a must-listen. Get ready to immerse yourself in the captivating melodies, powerful lyrics, and infectious energy that only Asake can deliver.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to witness the magic of Asake. Stay tuned for the release of “Work Of Art” on June 27, 2023, and be prepared to embark on a musical journey that will leave you in awe. Get ready to witness the rise of a true musical genius from Nigeria – Asake!

Listen to “Asake – Work Of Art” Below;

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