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Top 5 Emotional Songs Of 2020 (No. 5 Might Make You Cry)

As Nigerian number one music and entertainment website

We brought to you Top 5 emotional songs that play a big role in listeners heart.

I have listened and surveyed to understand average music listeners have been feeling a deep connection with emotional songs.

Emotional songs are exclusively not a random project, they’re either storytelling or past of one’s life.

See List below 👇

1. Moriamo by QDot

Qdot in this particular song put all his fans in a very deep sympathy as he pays tribute to his grandma called Moriamo Adege.

He talked about how he lived a very struggling life has been abandoned by his biological mother only for his dad’s mother to cater for as it affected his upbringing.

Very touching. We say RIP to your grandma “MoriamoAdege”.


2. Ilekun Ayo By Kabex

The Indigenous rapper featured Diamond Jimma to put down what life has been throwing to them into music.

“Won reti kin ko sinu pan pe”, a very touching lyrics from Diamond Jimma.


3. I’ll Be Fine by Fireboy

You’ll definitely feel for YBNL star after watching this touching attestation.

Fireboy narrates how life has been treating him before being accepted by the whole world.

This part almost made me cry like a baby 👉 “I won’t lie, I ran away, From the pain and all the sorrow, And I couldn’t bear to stay.”


4. Tempted To Steal by Kizz Daniel

We can easily predict Kizz Daniel as a lover boy judging from his music style.

But not many know how long he has sacrificed for love. Can you steal for love? Can you kill for love?

Boy Kizz with the song “Tempted To Steal” confirms he has extremely done more than enough to keep a relationship.


5. Triumphant by Olamide

Okay, I presume Olamide is not yet done with his life story on the “Vision 2020” with Bella so he continues the movie on “Triumphant”.

Olamide again reminds us of the death of his parents and how oblivious he might be henceforth.

But not Baddo only, Bella also has detailed how people have been treating him very badly in his personal life and music.

This song is very emotional and can toggle your sense of reasoning.


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